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The comments made in the national media and social media of Bangladesh in the terrorist attack in Dhaka are very important. Bangladesh TV channels did not broadcast terrorist activities live and people maintained their restraint on social media too. It was a scathing attack on the ISIS who claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack.
Terrorist organizations keep getting feedback from news channels and social media and execute their actions accordingly. During the Kargil war two soldiers lost their lives due to the coverage of TV channels. We learned a lesson from him at the time of the Mumbai attack and the live coverage was postponed for a few hours. According to comments made on social media, this call of terrorism in Bangladesh is a cause for concern. The minority communities of Bangladesh were the main targets of these terrorist activities.
Two priests had been killed in Bangladesh 48 hours before the Dhaka terror attack. Both these murders took place at different places and probably do not include such a large terrorist gang. This type of attack in the month of Ramadan points towards a new Bangladesh. The goal of these terrorist activities is to make headlines internationally and spread terror.
Pakistan's attitude towards India, which played an important role in the liberation of Bangladesh, is changing day by day. In spite of all the economic cooperation of India, this relationship seems to be feud. Efforts to Islamize Bangladesh are increasing and efforts are on to establish it like other Pakistan. Taking to Twitter the terrorist attack in Dhaka with seriousness, people wrote that Dhaka has been a beautiful city and its form is shocking. The manner in which the religious fundamentalists killed hostages in Dhaka is disgusting and embarrassing. The 13 hostages were rescued, which is a matter of slight relief, but the killing of 20 hostages is tantamount to a stigma on Dhaka's history.
New York Times correspondent Rukmini Kelimachi has been covering the activities of Al Qaeda and ISIS for a long time. He tweeted 23 times on this Bangladesh terror attack. In these tweets, he highlighted the growing crop of terrorism in Bangladesh. This is a sample of how well a reporter can use Twitter.  
ISIS wants similar terror to be created in Bangladesh parallel to Turkey. Like Turkey, Bangladesh also has a Muslim majority population, where Sunni Muslims also live in large numbers. This is the goal of ISIS. Rukmini has interpreted it, citing one attack each. Also, we have looked at the method of attacks. According to him, terrorists very cleverly choose their victims. They choose a place where Sunnis are in majority and they can be killed together.

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