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It was the best sandcastle he had ever seen.
He learned the hardest lesson of his life and had the scars, both physical and mental, to prove it.
The knives were out and she was sharpening hers.
Their argument could be heard across the parking lot.
The hand sanitizer was actually clear glue.
He decided to fake his disappearance to avoid jail.
My dentist tells me that chewing bricks is very bad for your teeth.
As he waited for the shower to warm, he noticed that he could hear water change temperature.
The fact that there's a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell explains life well.
People keep telling me "orange" but I still prefer "pink".
For the 216th time, he said he would quit drinking soda after this last Coke.
They throw cabbage that turns your brain into emotional baggage.
I love eating toasted cheese and tuna sandwiches.
There are few things better in life than a slice of pie.
She could hear him in the shower singing with a joy she hoped he'd retain after she delivered the news.
The tattered work gloves speak of the many hours of hard labor he endured throughout his life.
It took him a while to realize that everything he decided not to change, he was actually choosing.
Joe made the sugar cookies; Susan decorated them.
She was too short to see over the fence.
They called out her name time and again, but were met with nothing but silence.
Red is greener than purple, for sure.
I am counting my calories, yet I really want dessert.
All you need to do is pick up the pen and begin.
He had a wall full of masks so she could wear a different face every day.
Today I dressed my unicorn in preparation for the race.
Not all people who wander are lost.
Flesh-colored yoga pants were far worse than even he feared.
There was no telling what thoughts would come from the machine.
The thick foliage and intertwined vines made the hike nearly impossible.
The door slammed on the watermelon

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