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Preliminary Comparison between Boba U4 and Boba Silent Pinks

created Feb 25th, 22:49 by ClaccVsThocc



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I recently got to try out the new ultra-popular switches in the market from Gazzew: the Boba U4 Silent Tactiles. Also got my hands on the Silent Linears of the same pedigree: the Boba Silent Pinks. I really liked the Boba U4s, specifically because they appear to be pretty tactile right out the box (I haven't tried lubing them yet, I love their stock mechanics, will talk more about it once the honeymoon period is over). Comparing them to, say, Holy Pandas, they retain like 80% of the tactility while dampening almost 85% of the sound, so for my purposes they are like a godsend. However, it is to be noted that the bottom out cushioning could be a hit-or-miss feature for some.  
Technically the Boba Pinks are linear switches, so there couldn't be a comparison between the two, however, the 'mushiness' is kinda more obvious here, since there is no tactile event and the switch gains weight as you press it further down, and at the end  of key travel you get the cushioning effect. For some reason it appears to me that the silent pinks have less travel than the U4s.  

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