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Arabic Music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_HoGYhk4x8

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Hello everybody typing this text , today I am going to talk about Arabic music because in my opinion you should listen to some Arabic songs due to their beauty . The music I am going to talk about is old Arabic music because the new Arabic music isn't that much , so lets start . Fairuz is a Lebanese singer that have more that 900 songs and all of them are great songs , for example you can listen to Bhebbak ya Lebnan . In the other hand , you can listen to Um Kulthum the great Egyptian singer which is in the opinion of the majority of Arab people the best singer in the world ever . A very beautiful song to listen to is Alf Lela W Lela with a great music in the background . I guess I must leave you now to go listen to them on Youtube I will leave you a link in the text title to go to a new representation of the song , give it a try !
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