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Far Cry Series Brief

created Apr 25th, 13:25 by HimachaliBoyIND



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All right fellas, I am typing this text as I am a "Far Cry" FAN! And right here I am telling/typing a brief about this series.
I didn't liked First game in this series, as you can't explore that much, and you have to go from one point to another and complete the story. There is no side activity in that game. 2nd one packs a punch though. You are somewhere at Africa and dealing with "Jackals" and Malaria. There are diamonds as major currency to obtain new firearms as rusty one tends to "jam" quite often. Third one is one of my favorite one. The main protagonist and his friends are enjoying vacations somewhere near "Caribbean Sea" and it has most cool Protagonist named "Vaas". He is packed with great punch lines. Even when he is killed, his open eyes still terrifies. It has great songs too. Burning Weed in a mission and a song of "Skrillex" goes on in your head. 4th one is based on "Nepal". As I live in "Himachal Pradesh", I know that environment. "Ajay Ghale" is the protagonist by the way and you can end this game in 20 minutes if you stay there and don't move. It is full of Hindi and Punjabi songs and also it has two DLCs in which you can beat yetis at Himalayas. Well, it is full of Wild Animals and Tall Mountains & Elephants and it is full of fun. 5th is criticized by many ones, but I liked it very much. Montana: Big Sky Country. Where else someone want to go. There is a cult there which has closed all roads from Hope County and you as a rookey police officer is going to kill those peggies and get rid of that cult led by "Seed Family". There is a new mechanism called as "Guns of Hire" and "Fangs of Hire" by which you can take 2 companions with you, and they will help you great. Songs are great. I became a Fan of soundtrack and Chorus in this game. Wish I could join Peggies and sing chorus with them and get blissed. Bad idea, Though all effort are in vain as a "Nuclear Explosion" destroy everything and aftermath could be seen in "Far Cry New Dawn" but I hate it due to its "Rank" thing. It is most annoying thing. You have to gather all materials to make a gun and you know that only last guns are best which need a lot of ingredients to make. Still OK for me. And now my friends anyone watched "Breaking Bad"? Well, now upcoming game has our Gustavo Fing as Antagonist in Far Cry 6. He follows the line "Once an antagonist, always an antagonist". I am waiting for it but i know i won't be able to run in my laptop because it was barely running Far Cry New Dawn, and it will lag for games after 2018. So that's it. Hoping you will enjoy this text for typing as much as I enjoyed.

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