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My favorite book

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The book that I love most is “Hachiko - the waiting dog”. The book tells the story of the famous dog named Hachiko and friendship with his owner professor Eisaburo. Hachiko lives with the professor’s family in Tokyo. Everyday, in the morning, Hachiko followed professor Eisaburo to the gas station when he commuted to work. And every afternoon, at 5 pm, no matter how sunny or rainy it was, the dog came to the gas station to wait for the professor comming back home. The way from home to the station and from the station to home was Hachiko’s the happiest time. Professor Eisaburo always confessed with Hachiko, talked and played with him. They had been together for a long time before a tragedy came up. As every day, Hachiko was waited for the professor coming back. But the professor had passed away because of a stroke when he was presenting on the stage. Not being discouraged, Hachiko still waited for the professor the following days regardless of any kind of weather. Once the professor’s wife sent him to the countryside far away from Tokyo, but Hachiko tried to escape and backed in the station to continue waiting until he died. This was a touching story and made me cry many times. I kept the book carefully and read again when I meet difficulties on school. The book helps me release stress and depression. Thanks to the book, I can learn a precious lesson.

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