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An Approach That Is More Inclusive of a Larger Population of Readers and
The primary impetus for my writing Getting Things Done was to craft a manual
for the methodology that I had formulated, tested, and implemented, mostly in
the corporate training and development world. In its examples, style, look, and
feel (I wore a tie on the cover!), the book was initially and principally addressed
to managers, executives, and higher-level, fast-track professionals. While I
already knew that the material could be equally valuable for homemakers,
students, clergy, artists, and even retirees, it was professionals who at that time
were the most aware of the need for the kind of help I was seeking to provide, as
a means both to advance their own development and productivity as well as to
stay sane in the process. They were at the front lines, the advance guard, in
engaging with the impending flood of information and rapid and significant
change the business world was experiencing, and also had access to resources to
tackle these issues.
Getting Things Done is not simply about getting things done. It’s about being
appropriately engaged with your work and life.
Today there is a much more universal interest in the results that can be achieved
with relaxed, focused control, and the realization that it is not just a one-shot
recipe of “time management” tips simply for business professionals, but in fact a
lifestyle practice, necessary to deal with the new world most all of us are
experiencing. I regularly receive testimonials from a diversity of people around
the world in an infinite variety of situations about the life-changing value they
have experienced applying GTD principles. This validation of the growing need
across the planet for such a model has inspired me to reframe many of my
examples and the focus of that text to support it.

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