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Platos theory of justice is not as legal as in the modern era, but is completely ethical. It establishes universal justice, not just legal justice. It explains the absolute moral duty of a human being, not just his legal duties, that is, Plato's conception of justice is purely spiritual and not just illegal. Plato is not an individualist, a dogmatist. On the basis of this concept, he proposes that a person has no importance in himself. His importance lies in being a member of samasti i.e. society and in that form he is capable of full development of his personality.  Plato's theory of justice represents the unity of union between the individual and the state. The state is the body and different individuals and their classes form different organs of the state. It has an organic unity just like the body. Just as its organs separated from the body cannot be imagined, similarly the existence of a person without a state cannot be imagined. The philosopher ruler is a natural consequence of Plato's implementation of the principle of justice, as he is the one who frees from the temptation of Kanchan and Kamini to conduct state rule judiciously with complete selflessness. The rule of a philosophical ruler is the rule of knowledge or the rule of sovereignty of knowledge he not only provides ideal form to the state but also maintains it uninterrupted.
Plato's theory of justice is of moral character, not of legal character as in the modern era. It does not originate from the method, but rather from each person performing his natural duty. It is just emotion, not law. Whereas both are different objects in real terms.
 justice theory propounded by Plato, as of the present time there is no system of punishment for the rights and violations of a person. Plato talks about the duty of a person and at the same time supports the policy of laissez-faire in relation to them, but if someone interferes with the actions of the other person then there is no system of lawfully preventing him. Nor arranges for punishment for violations.

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