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We often hear that there was a quarrel or a quarrel over a minor matter in a husband and wife. At times, it comes up to divorce. As if divorce has become a common thing in India. By the way this work that breaks the sacred bond of marriage should not be done, but if the husband is unable to agree on something and there are quarrels in the house, then they seek this option. Divorce in India is taken in two ways. Firstly by mutual consent and in the second way only one of the husband or wife wants to get divorced, second is not. Divorce by mutual consent is very easy in the country. When it comes to divorce it comes to maintenance allowance and child custody. The limit of maintenance allowance is not fixed. It can be decided by sitting husband and wife. In this case, the court decides the alimony in view of the husband's financial condition. If the court feels that the husband's financial condition is good then the wife gets more allowance.
At the same time child custody proves to be a big screw in divorce. After the divorce, if the husband has the consent of the wife, then both of them can take care of the children. In India it is a law that if the child is less than seven years of age, then the child is assigned to the mother while if the child is more than seven years of age it is assigned to the father. However, there is also a provision in this that if the father proves in the court that he can take better care than the mother then the court also assigns the custody of the children below seven years to the mother. If the husband and wife want to get divorced by mutual agreement, then there is a condition that both of them have been separated for a year. Apart from this, both of them have to file a PIL in the court that we want to divorce by mutual consent. Simultaneously the court records the interest of both of them and signs them. After this the court gives six months time for both of them to consider saving the relationship. When six months are completed and there is no agreement between the two the court gives its final verdict.
Apart from mutual consent, divorce can be done in another way. In this, if the husband or wife wants to get a divorce from both of them then he has to prove why he wants to get a divorce. There can be many situations behind itsuch as one of the two partners can be filed for divorce only in a serious case like physical mental torture cheating, giving up by the partnerthe partner's mental condition is not correct and impotence.  

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