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But in recent years, the agriculture sector has started to change again. People have started moving towards organic farming. Organic farming is that new and modern technology of growing crops in which toxic and non-toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used. Instead, organic manure, green manure, dung manure, dung gas manure, earthworm manure, biofertilizers are used. Homemade organic waste is decomposed and prepared. This manure contains all the essential nutrients that are necessary to increase the fertility of the soil. This new method of farming is called Organic Farming .Organic farming continuously increases the fertility and fertility of the land. Protects the environment from the ill effects of chemicals and pesticides. Increases the yield of crops. The grain grown from organic farming is of high quality which is good in terms of health.However, many revolutionary changes took place in the agricultural sector after independence. Now most of the farmers are educated. Now scientific methods and new equipment are being used to grow crops in the agricultural sector. Some farmers have started farming with scientific methods. From time to time consults with agricultural scientists for agricultural related works. So that they can get a good crop in their fields.  The soil is tested before sowing grain in the field. Only after knowing the properties of the soil, according to the properties of the soil, crops are sown on that land so that the farmer can get maximum benefit. Along with this, improved quality seeds, organic fertilizers and pesticides are used. So that the fertility of the soil remains intact and they get full benefit of the hard work of the farmers. Anyway, organic products are sold in the market at a very good price, due to which the farmer gets a good income.  
Now instead of working hard by hand, farming is done using modern tools. So that all the work can be done easily with less effort. Modern equipment is used today for harvesting, sowing, irrigation and even grain extraction.  

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