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The present era is the era of democracy. All the civilized and progressive countries of the world are in favor of giving more and more rights to the people. Only by attaining these rights, complete development of the individual is possible. The state has originated for the good of the people, so it provides some such fundamental rights to its citizens, by which their all-round development can be possible. People of different countries have made many struggles for the attainment of these fundamental rights, then only people have got these rights. Through this, the people broke the autocratic monarchy and started constitutionalism and the rights of the people. Similarly, on July 4 in the resolution of the Declaration of Independence passed by the USA, the freedom and rights of the individual were supported and in it it was said that We consider these facts to be self-evident that all human beings are equal by birth and their The creator has given them exclusive rights. Life, freedom and the desire for happiness are counted among those rights.  The people of France also emphasized equality, liberty and fraternity in the Declaration of Human Rights by revolution in 1789. Inspired by the French Revolution, other countries also intensified the struggle against the monarchy for rights. Fundamental Rights are those rights which are given to citizens by the constitution as they are fundamental and essential for the life of the individual and the rights which cannot be interfered by the state are called Fundamental Rights. Western political thinkers like John Locke have supported three types of rights in the category of fundamental rights- liberty and equality of life.  
The basis of any state being good or bad is that how many facilities have been provided by that state to the individuals for the development of their personality. Lani says that Rights are those conditions of social life without which a person cannot normally develop himself.  The demand for fundamental rights in India started with the Indian independence movement. Its demand was made from time to time by the then Vihans and national leaders to the British Government. While Gandhi talked about the right of Swaraj, Bal Gangadhar Tilak raised the slogan that Swaraj is my birthright and I will have it.

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