GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

This page will inform you about everything related to GDPR on 10FastFingers. Which data we save, for what reason each data piece is saved, how you can remove your data etc. If you have a question about something that is not covered here, please don't hesitate to contact me via email: [email protected]

What Data do you save?

All the data we save is used for site operation, for example, if you logged in via email, we will store your email and a hashed version of your password (so even we can't see the password but you are still able to login with it). If you logged in via Facebook, we will store your facebook user id. We generally store your email address to give you the ability to convert your account from Google/Twitter/Facebook to one that uses your email+password (in case you won't to delete your social network account but still have access to your 10FastFingers account) and also to send you important system emails (password recovery for example). Here is a list of the data we store:

username christianstrang This is your username that is visible on the site and also your login name if you logged in via email+password.
display_name cstrang Sometimes you want to change your name on the site or use something different as your nickname than your username.
password 35252589bd45ccfb53a239827f0a6f76605c3e2e This is your hashed password, so if you type in your password, we can check that it is you without knowing your actual password.
email [email protected] Your email is used for login purposes, password and account recovery.
gravatar_email [email protected] If you want to show a picture on your profile page, you can add a gravatar email adress to your account: https://gravatar.com/
unique_cookie_hash 19b010a1cc0e66914bd0d8438789d062c5c8bcbf This cookie lets you stay logged in without having to relogin every hour or so. If you click on "Logout" this cookie will be deleted.
facebook_user_id 2733536683489 Your Facebook User ID, its used to login with your facebook account.
twitter_oauth_token 2697521-gf........blLcXx5Nxphi8A This is a Twitter Token to let you login via Twitter.
google_picture https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/.../.../.../.../photo.jpg If you added a picture to your Google+ account we will display it on your profile page if you logged in via Google.
created 2011-09-12 18:40:27 The time you created your account.
last_active 2018-04-20 07:05:26 The last time you logged in.

To access your specific data, please login to your account, click on the "settings" page and navigate to the "Your Data" section or click this link after you have logged in.

Delete my Data

If you want to delete all your data from our server, just login to your account, go to the settings page and click "delete account". Please keep in mind that we can't restore your account once its deleted.

Delete Account Step 1 Delete Account Step 2 Delete Account Step 3

What about Cookies?

On 10FastFingers we place three main cookies for site functionality, these are:

  • Language Cookie: By default 10FastFingers tries to guess the correct site language, so if you are from Germany, we show you the content of the page in german, if you are from France, we show it in french etc. Often times users pick english or a different language than the one we suggested and this information is stored in this cookie.
  • Remember Me Cookie: With this cookie we ensure that you stay logged in on the site. If for example you visit 10FastFingers, login and do a typing test, but then leave for a couple of hours and do another Typing Test, you would have been logged out in the meantime and your score would be saved. With this cookie we can keep you logged in and make sure your score is saved. You can still use the logout function to logout and remove the cookies (helpful in internet cafes or if you use 10FastFingers on other computers than your own).
  • Preferred Language Cookie: 10FastFingers is a multilanguage site and has users from all over the world. The first time you come to 10FastFingers we check your browser default language settings and compare it to the typing test you visited. Often times users from around the world start on the english typing test but don't even realise that we might offer a typing test in their native language. We then suggest a different typing test. The cookie is then placed on the users computer to make sure that we don't suggest him a different typing test everytime he visits 10FastFingers (most users just prefer to type in english).