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CPCT Mock Test 4 Koushlya Devi Institute Dhar, Deepak Gaykwad Sir,

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details related to this syndrome. The entire media, including radio, television, newspapers, and periodicals are sounding a note of warning and asking the people to take all precautions to save themselves from this killer disease. It is also recommended to include AIDS education program in the high school curriculum. This disease is basically an illness, in which the natural system of the body starts failing by slow degrees. A human body is known to be equipped with various weapons of its own, in order to be protected against invaders, like gems, One, who is suffering from AIDS loses these weapons and becomes unable to fight with it. Further, this disease infects the while cells of the body and is often very difficult to diagnose. Early symptoms of this disease are a significant loss of weight, swollen glands, fever and night sweats, extreme lethargy and oral or exposed infection. However, these symptoms do not always mean the presence of AIDS. It generally attacks people who are used to changing their sexual partner's for example. bisexuals, homosexuals and prostitutes. Other victims include the drug addicts and people who receive frequent blood transfusions. Hence, doctors recommend taking precautions and studying about the disease in detail. It can be transferred through infection needles, blood, semen, Saliva, urine and stools. In developed forms, it proves fatal as there is no cure for it. In order to avoid being attacked by AIDS. One should have regular medical examination and should not be repeatedly exposed to sexually transmitted diseases. One should also avoid sharing the needles, razors and tooth brushes with others. A woman who carries AIDS should not conceive, as the disease gets passed on to the child. It simple words, this syndrome in a potential health threat to mankind. The only way to deal with it is to face it calmly and boldly. There is no need for scare or nervousness. The government takes several initiatives to spread awareness regarding this diseases, both in urban and rural areas. India is lucky to have been saved from this terrible disease so fat.  

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