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When sorting out the puzzle, Points-based loyalty programs Vs benefits-based loyalty programs, lots of queries might come on your mind. Both the customer loyalty programs benefits the businesses in many ways. You need to choose the one that suits your requirements and budget. The motive of the loyalty programs is to engage your prospective and existing customers and encourage them to make purchases through your website. In the recent years, rewards and loyalty programs have reached to a different level. Their different forms have benefitted the small and mid-sized businesses in different ways while helping them to increase their customer retention and maintain their core-value. Thanks to the advancement in web apps which have made it easier for the owners of the stores to track every purchase their customers make. That is why the effectiveness and popularity of these programs have skyrocketed in just a few years. In a run where many companies are planning to implement the loyalty schemes, it is impossible to avoid addressing the target customers unique needs. What the team of Professionals does is to provide clients with the freedom to design the best loyalty programs that actually hit positively when it comes to reaching their business targets. Point based loyalty systems have been popular on the market since they were introduced and how you can see them almost everywhere. On the basis of what customers make purchase, the points are added to their wallet. At one point of time, customers will be eligible to redeem these points while opting for free and discounted products. Point based loyalty systems are highly effective since it encourages prospective and existing consumers to purchase new products. The program benefits new and repeat customers alike. It also allows customers to enjoy the flexible rewards system that provides them with a quick access to avail of a wider range of exclusive products. While benefits-based loyalty programs work on a different mechanism than points-based customer loyalty systems do. In such loyalty marketing programs, customers do not need to collect points to avail of the discounts and offers available on the range of products offered by the company, but they get the immediate access to buy products for free and save huge bucks on their every purchase. The opportunity of winning the exclusive prizes is also given to the customers through these programs. Benefits-based loyalty systems are also very helpful since it allows customers not to be bounced in a time-frame. They do not have wait to gather the points that would make them eligible for availing of the rewards. This also improves the sales amazingly, which results in witnessing the jaw-dropping revenue in just a few hours of the beginning of the loyalty scheme.  

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