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A certain king used to inquire of all the sannyasins that came to his country."WHich  
is the greather man he who gives up the world and becomes a Sannysin,or the who
lives in the world and performs his duties as a householder?"Many wise men sought
to solve the problem. Some asserted that the Sannyasin ws the greater, upon which
the king demanded that they should prove their assertion. When they could not, he
ordered them to marry and become householder.Then others came and said, The
householder who performs his duties is the greater man"Of them, too, the king
demanded proofs. When they could not give them,he made them also settle down as
householders. At last there came a young sannyasin. and the king similarly inquired
of him also. He answered,"Each,O king,is equally great in his place"prove this to
me."asked the king."I will prove it to you."said the Sannyasin,"but you must first come and live
as I do for a few days, that I may be able to prove to you what I say The king consented and follwed the Sannyasin out of his own terrtory and passed
through many other countries until They the great kingdom.In the capital of that kingdom a great caremony as going
on.The king and the Sannyasin heard the
nose of drums and music.and heard also the cricrs; the people were assembled in the
Sannyasin stood there to see what was going on. The crier was stood there to see
what was going on. the crier was proclaming loudly that the princess, daughter of
the king of that country, was about to choose a husband from among those assembled
before her It was an old custom in india for princesses to choose husbands in this
way. Each princesshad certain ideas of the sort of man she wanted for a husband
Some would have the handsome! man,  others would have only the most learned,
others again the richest, and so on All the princess of the neighbourhood put on their
 bravest attire and presented themselves before her.

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