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why are we born?

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Why are we born is the question that comes in minds of many of us. The answer to this question is not known. But still we are living this life not knowing what is the purpose of our lives. What is our aim, just live and die one day? Just living that same life, working for ourselves, our families, earning money that we can't take with us after our death. Just having bodily pleasures that are not supposed to be with us after we leave our body. These eyes, these senses all are short-lived.
The only permanent thing that we have to take with us is our deeds, our soul, that should be pure. We have to remember God every minute and remember that he has a purpose of creating us. He wants us to make something good, something constructive, something original. Everyone of us is gifted. God loves everyone of us. He has given us some talent that no other person possess. But we have to identify that talent. Some people are good in studies, others are good in arts. Many of us are good at typing. We just have to use this talent to its fullest. And help others in whatever way possible by using that talent, or money earned by that talent.
God has given us this life and we should not spend it in wasteful things like hate, envy and jealousy. Just do your own work, focus on yourself, focus on making yourself the best. Forget what others are doing or saying. Just keep on working to make yourself the best. God resides in the hearts of human being. Start seeing the God in everyone. Whether that person is your enemy, does not matter. Just focus on your own self. Never wish bad for others, remember whoever does bad to you, God is watching them. You don't have the right to punish anyone because only God has that right. All the plus minus of the deeds is being done by God and everyone is accountable to Him. So, don't waste your time in things like revenge.
Just do whatever you want to do, and be passionate about that one thing. Just keep one goal in mind and attain mastery over it. You have to be the best in that one thing, work that much hard. Find that one thing that interest you the most and trust me money, fame and respect will follow once you get perfect in that one talent.
Be sensitive towards feelings of others, be kind, humble, polite and modest. You will gain respect. Remember never try to judge others, just live and let live. Work towards welfare of society and find that God in the blessing of the persons whom you help, this is true happiness. And our purpose is to make the earth beautiful by our actions.  

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