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Urgent matter

created May 11th 2019, 17:06 by RUHI



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I want to convey to you urgently that it is the time we changed ourselves. We work for our own happiness. It is the time to understand that God is watching us. It is time to apologise for our mistakes. It is the time to understand that our happiness lies in own hands. It is the time to love and accept ourselves. Now or never situation has arrived. It is time to tell our loved ones that we love them. It is time for curing not complaining.  
Life is short. It is not worthy of spending in crying, creeping and condemning. If there is a problem, fix it. Fighter attitude is needed. Sometimes we cry uselessly about nothing. When will we be happy? God has given us everything or most of things that many don't have. For example we can see, have hands, legs, ears, voice and many things that others don't have.
It is time to thank God for the things He has given us. There is no use of crying. I know sometimes we get emotional. But keep calm. Everything is going to be ok, after sometime nothing is permanent. Try to handle everything on your own in this way you will be strong. Love yourselves, your parents, your loved ones, kids and everyone who is valuable to you. Because may be tomorrow we don't meet them. May be this is the last day of their or our life.
Someone dear to me is in pain. Actually depression is killing her. She says that she is dying a little bit everyday. I am really scared. She got her eyes operated about 20 years ago at the time of her marriage and due to the old technique of operation her eyes are not able to see clearly now. She is very nice lady I have been brought up by her. She is a lovely aunt. I love her want to save her eyes, her life. But fear about her well-being.  
I just want to say that please be happy with whatever you have and carry on your life. God please don't let anyone affected by depression as it is silent killer. My cousin ended her life earlier due to depression and dowry case against her in-laws. She was just 23 in 2016 when she ended her life. And now my aunt is depressed, I just want that she should be happy and the lesson is that we should keep ourselves happy as there is no life for depressed persons. Depression just grows. Work for your happiness.

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