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what powerfull code

created Jul 11th, 03:59 by Syafiqur LP3I



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log to console
and type disable jealous
next try to
disable soul disease
or one by one to make your code more effective
i know, but how to log to console in your life
there is a programming languages called dua from Arabic  
(or hebrew if you use legacy code) [don't know what its called if you use legacy code]
maybe you can start there
few week later
log console
set health increase every walk (#be more sabr as you walk through time)
regeneration increase every enemy attack (#can regain stand from any bad behavior from other bad one)
inflict buff status on self every damage receive (#be a more good people as more trial come)
disable debuff before enemy attack initiate (#dismiss any bad whisper on your heart from evil so you can take more trial)
wow you already be a good programmer
how did you find out to do that
search 'dua arabic' on google

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