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The bank of England was founded in 1894, and it is the most important national bank in the world. It issues bills drawn on itself for any amount between 10 & 100 and its directors fix the "bank rate" to encourage person of limited means to save, there are savings banks and penny bank, bankruptcy disqualifies the bankrupt from membership of a town Council. Sanitary Authority, Education Authority, of  vestry. These disqualifications may cease it the bankrupt can prove that his bankruptcy was due to misfortune. The embankment knows as the Thames Embankment is next to some sea embankments, the fines in the world. I should like to call attention of the fact that special attention must now be given by book keepers to the system which enables the merchant to ascertain whether, say, the silk department, the shipping department, or the foreign department of his business in making a profit or a loss. a large number of excellent positions in the election department, the paving department or the clearning department of our corporations are open to those wh ohave a good knowledge of book keeping. My attentions has been called to a youth who gave special attention to book keeping when at school. And who is now reaping the reward of his zeal. Advertisements appear regularly in the "Accountan's journal." The journat of Commerce and other weekily journal for persons qualified to acts as book keepers. Rapid strides are made in the field of space and stallite technology. During the past decades, indian space scientists have launched several space vertures. Some of them have proved failures partially or completely either at initial stage or after going into orbit. but the tast of failures losses much of its relevance considering that both USA and Soviet Union, the leading space power also had to face several failures. It is all a part of the game, the successes have to be taken with the failures, like sweeet with the sour.

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