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Do you ever just feel empty?

created Jul 29th, 14:40 by MarkusAirbender



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Once upon a time, in a not too distant universe from earth lived a boy. This boy lived alone on this universe because the one girl that used to live there with him flew away on her jet pack. What is even more frightening is that that girl most likely got lost in space. this caused the boy to go into a severe epiphany of sadness. Even no he didn't really have too much too worry about because it was a literally an deserted planet with no crazy populations, human society, bills, laws, etc. The separation with that girl really affected the boy causing him to burst out crying every single time he would think about her. Interestingly, the boy considered the crying and sobbing to be a optimum solution to release all of the pain. Although, he knew that it wasn't possible to cry when he pleased so he figured out ways of how he could train himself to cry at certain times. In coherence to that, a schedule was made were he would cry his heart out in the morning and then cry his heart out around supper time and being able to do this would require saving the right amount of energy up for each crying session. This boy was very heartbroken about this situation the pain he endured was so tremendously intensive he would fall to both knees and tears would pour out of his eyes sometimes like a waterfall. He would also nap more often during the day, so meanwhile he could walk around more in the night to enjoy the cooler temperatures to relieve himself of the worry entirely. Three and a half weeks later, he was starting to accept the fact that she was gone forever but then suddenly up in sky aka space there was exceedingly more activity up there than per usual. Meteors rapidly shifting back and forth, shooting stars zooming in and out the area from all different angles almost as if there was something going on. This merely made the boy have an idea that maybe the girl was fighting up there with another galaxy or something because from his time knowing her and being with her he knew that she an avid space warrior. She had a history of being involved in space battles and things of that genre so it came to his understanding that she could potentially be the source of all that. The boy waited eagerly as he began to notice that he no longer wanted to cry mainly because he was so interested in the fact she could still be alive. He started to feel less empty, it was like a spark rised within him internally or something because for the next 7 days he spent time making his own jet-pack. One week later, the space boy was chilling on the highrise and which has his jet-pack finished and equipped with surplus of fuel and he was very adequately prepared.He was ready to go look for her. Funny

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