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The most eventful lunch break ever..

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Subway??? he couldn't believe his eyes as he got the response back from his "favourite" colleague at work. He invited her to go for coffee but she obviously had other ideas, and what that signified was switching up the usual lunch break hangout spot at the local coffee shop to subway. This is the headline.
Now only a half hour away from lunch, to him: as unforeseen as this was, he surprisingly started to see this an new challenge in a positive way, because after adding it up he thought this could may percase be a blessing a disguise. I mean if you put yourself in his shoes you'd learn that he didn't really ever
prefer lunch at SUBWAY over other contemporary modern lunch depos in the city. So visibly, that was kind of burdensome to accept the pleases of his colleague but his feelings were to great for him to just be neglect her wishes. On her side of things, she was discretely just asking him so mainly it could in a way serve almost as a test to see what his character was really built of. Cut the crap, it was a test.
Him: (not knowing this was actually a test) went on to meet up with the colleague at lunch.
They were best friends like in the most unalloyed way. he want to win her heart by displaying his stout, meanwhile she had an inclination to not come across
as to pushy or timid. If you dare noticed, this just appears to be an interesting story that entails a love story. Correct, but pay close attention something else
does unravel internally during this lunch break. It's like a necromantic connection was formed when they started talking about their most deep things about one another.
Shazam, both of their interesting minds staggered by the discovery of the love of one another. Rumours say, it was a feeling that never really happens but only when you stumble across the real soulmate that was bestowed to you. To be continued... 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-161-7-18-19-20 was the age of both of them for your information.

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