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Your VS you're

created Aug 15th 2019, 19:02 by Kirus



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I'm practicing my typing skills and came across many different paragraphs that have grammar errors. I figured I could make one of these typing practice paragraphs and go over some grammar at the same time. Common grammar mistakes are the words "your" and "you're". The word "your" refers to something that belongs to someone. For example, your shoes are on your feet. The word "you're" is a combination of the words "you are" and there is a trick to make sure it's being used in the correct manner. When "you're" is used then "you are" can be used in place of "you're", so read the sentence you wrote by saying "you are" instead and if it makes sense that way too then "you're" is being used properly. Going back to the previous example, it would not be proper English to say you are shoes are on you are feet, and so you know that you can't use "you're" in that example and it's the "your" form that is the correct one. Hope this helps, good day.

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