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In just eighteen sentences, exactly 126 years ago, Swami Vivekananda conquered the world. September 11, 1893, therefore, got inscribed in history in golden letters, having been the day that re-established importance of the forgotten glory of ancient Indian wisdom on world stage. That the young sanyasin in saffron robe, his face glowing with spiritual bliss under a saffron turban, his eyes shining in assurance of the historicity of the moment, delivered an intelligent oration, was just a matter of detail. But what he achieved on that historic day at Parliament of World Religions at Chicago in the United States of America was of greater importance. For, in those eighteen sentences, Swamiji demonstrated to the world fragmented by bigotry, parochialism, politically-driven fundamentalism the essence of India's vedantic wisdom that stood for the core principle that under the roof of one sky, the humans formed one family -- Vasudheiva kutumbakam! And what were the words that actually set the tone! -- My brothers and sisters of America ...! In just six words, Swami Vivekananda achieved what no verbose sermons could ever do. In just six words that led to just eighteen sentences, Swamiji communicated to the world what India stood for, what the world meant to India, and what all humans must mean to one another -- under one roof of one sky and on one fundament of one Earth. As the year-long celebrations of the 125th anniversary of that moment, that day, and that remarkable saint come to an end, we join hands in prayers for the fulfillment of the value and virtue so meaningfully and effectively expressed in Vasudheiva kutumbakam: May the human community learn to live as one family. May all of us learn to love one another without barriers of pride and prejudice and politics. May we leave for our succeeding generations a world where living well is not a matter of tenuous effort but a matter of an easy, harmonious and honourable condition in which equality of race and gender and nationalities are the givens. Lord, please grant us on this day this wish, this prayer, this urgent urge to be able to live as one large family in which inclusiveness is the binding force.  

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