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The fact that the English language contains very many words which have a  similar consonantal structure was early recognized by the Inventor of pitman shorthand, and provision was according made in the system for the easy differential of these words by distinguishing outlines, so that the writer would have no difficulty either in the writing or in the transcription of these similarly constructed words. It is indeed mainly this inherent power of readily distinguishing similar words that makes pitman short hand at once legible and capable of being written with extreme rapidity. It will be found that the application of the ordinary rules of the system provides distinguishing this is not so, distinction is obtained by the insertion of a vowel or, in a few cases, by placing the outline out of position or by writing a full outline instead of applying an abbreviation principle. In studying the following seek to appreciate fully the reasons for the various forms and positions where a line contains more than one word, the first word is the root word, the others being derivatives. The list of words here given is not, of course exharustive. The student may easity comile further lists for himself and, proceeding upon the method here illustrated, he may at one and the same time test his vocabulary and enlarge it by starting with a few root words and from them building up lists of words formed from them by the addition of prefixes and suffixes.

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