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There is such a place in the development of human life when it also conquers change. When the rise or fall of our life neither has anything special for us nor something curious for others. When we live only for the living and that death comes Does not come.
Bibbo was on the same floor of life. Locals always knew her as an old woman as if she was born in the womb of the eternal and became immortal for an infinitely infinite period of time. His sons of elephants talk new borns agreed to not hurt his heart. Anyone ever in this vast world it was a matter of imagination. In the trust of most she was as isolated as Jagannian But she was also a young woman she also had nectar and poison in her eyes. At the mercy of cymbals the rough tree also had once torn the heart of the earth woke up in the spring and lived in the Hemant in a strange way but she herself had forgotten all this. When we destroy our innumerable sad memories many memories of happiness also disappear from the memory board. Yes one whom she did not forget was her nephew sisters son  Vasant. Even today when she mash her cows
Vasants mother passed away only two months after birth and thirty five years ago her father stood silently in front of her with a yellow and withering face and news about Vasant Bibbo dream no more. Used to think If the leper hides his leprosy from others he cannot see it himself  his later life was his tarnished part.
Vasants father stayed there. He was younger in age than Bibbons.  Bibbo the lone Bibbo also thought Come on what is the harm but he left and one day he and Vasant were left. The father of Vasant was among the majority of humans who live only for extinction so they cannot bear the weight of satiety. He brought up Vasant with the blood of his heart Bibbo would say that she has no interest in these things. She would think that if Vasant becomes king today he will not be happy and if he is hanged tomorrow neither will he grieve. And when the locals tried to get some help from their nephew by selling milk to a living aunt she protested.
Day two had already passed both Bibbos buckets were empty. She was going to bathe with milk of milk that in her courtyard a middle aged man with a 5yearold boy came and held her.

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