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b0oTy BuTtS

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B00ty Butts are the life force of this universe. B00ty Butts exist within all beings....flowing through them and supplying them with the power to control their own destinies. B00ty Butts can also take many forms, some of which are so destructive that the entire multiverse would simultaneously implode and explode if they were to reveal their true brilliant forms. That is why B00ty Butts must carefully monitor their own power levels, for they are benevolent beings that mean only to see every form of being prosper in the multiverse. Even though they are nice beings, we lesser forms of life must make sure to never provoke the B00ty Butts. Their wrath would sweep aside any other being like a leaf before a hurricane...with no effort.  
In closing, B00ty Butts are the original beings of the multiverse and all other life forms are weaker, lesser versions of B00ty Butts.  
- From a B00ty Butt Legendary S Class Connoisseur   

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