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One day, he observed that his young son had bought a costly book. But the book contained only one verse: "You get what is destined for you!" When the merchant realized that his son was a fool to buy a book with so much cost, but only one verse, he grew very angry. He said, "How can you do well in business, when you can buy a book which contains only one verse! Get out of my house, and never show me your face again!" The young man was utterly dejected for being driven out by his father; he started travelling with only his book along with him. He learnt the verse well, and kept repeating it, all the way. On his way, he arrived in a village. The villagers asked him his name and he replied from the book, "You get what is destined for you" Thus, the young man became known as 'You-get-what-is-destined-for-you'. One day, the princess of the country visited a festival and saw a handsome prince, who was also attending the festival. She fell in love immediately and asked her attendant to find a way to send a message to the handsome prince. She wrote a note, and gave it to her attendant. The attendant gave the note to the young merchant's son by mistake. He read that she wrote, "I have fallen in love with you, the very moment I have set my eyes on you. Please meet me in the castle. You will find a rope hanging from one of the windows, which will lead you to my room." He thought, "I will honour the wishes of the princess to meet me in person." When he climbed up the rope, and entered the princess's room, it was very dark. The princess thought he was the prince at the festival, and received him warmly. She served him food and drink, and entertained him in every manner. She said, "I have deeply fallen in love with you. I shall have no other man as my husband, except for you. Please tell me what you have in your mind." The merchant's son replied, "You get what is destined for you" She was surprised to hear the prince speak so, and immediately enlightened her room. She got furious when she realized he was not the handsome prince, she thought him to be, and ordered him out of her room.  
The young man was sad on being treated in such manner without being at fault, and walked to a nearby temple. He decided to spend the night there, and fell asleep. The temple remained un-inhabitated and the night watchman carried out tasks of ill-repute during the night.

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