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Street fights are very common amongst people who are uncultured and quarrel on trifles. Usually street quarrels are very simple in nature but sometimes they take a serious turn and cause serious injuries to many and death to few.
One day I was studying in my room when, all of a sudden, i heard hot words being exchanged between two persons in the street. I paid no attention, thinking it would be a minor quarrel but soon I heard the voices of a large number of people. I peeped from the window and saw that there was a street quarrel. I went downstairs and reached the spot in the twinkling of an eyes. I was at my wits end on seeing that both of them had come to blows. The people were standing around them and enjoying their quarrel but none tried to pacify them.
I asked a person standing in the crowd about the cause of their quarrel but I could know nothing about the cause. One of the persons, who were quarrelling, was my neighbor. His forehead was bleeding because the other person had hit him on the head. All of a sudden, a young man came forward and tried to separate them. He alone could do nothing. The latter was still abusing my neighbour, warning him that he would set him right when he met him again.
There was an old man standing in the crowd and it was decided that he should come forward and resolve the dispute. He was to give his decision on the matter and both the parties agreed to act accordingly. First, my neighbour said that the other fellow was going on a bicycle through the street and fell headlong. He received a few scratches on his body. He advised the latter to ride slowly and cautiously because rash driving always causes injuries. They cyclist took this as words against him and started calling my neighbour bad names. He could not pocket the insult and exchanged hot words which took the shape of a fight.
The other fellow said that he was riding the cycle very carefully. All of sudden the child ran and wanted to cross the street. So he dashes against the child and fell down. My neighbour abused him but he remained silent. Then my neighbour slapped him. This was a matter beyond his control. He lost his temper and in return gave a tight slap to my neighbor which then caused their open fight.

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