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sorry charlie

created Feb 13th, 23:07 by ginoo75



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okay charlie i really didnt mean to hurt your feelings but the consequences i am facing right now are too much to bear i really want to be admin again to do good things on this server and to assist you in moderating our nice little community if you dont make me admin i will be very sad do you want me to be sad i dont think so so yeah i hope you change your mind think about the things i did for the server like adding the rythm bot and the pokecord bot where would you be without me right i am the best admin this server has ever seen this server used to be such a happy place and i dont think that i will ever have as much fun as i had before because from now on its really going downhill i dont understand or accept your decision and i am crying in the corner of my room right now and so is chris because he said that i am the best admin ever you call yourself the daddy but you behave like the bad stepdad i will even watch waynes world for a second time if it makes you happy because i just want you to be happy and i really didnt mean to make you sad but deleting the overwatch highlight reel channel like really i didnt mean to i would never want to make you cry if you said it a bit earlier i would not have deleted the channel and we would all still be the best server on earth i will even trade you three pokemon of your choice and if you dont want to be make me admin i allow you to transfer whalleys adminship to me so we only have two admins on here i think its unfair that you make me sad just to feel better because i made you sad because i really didnt w ant to make you sad even though i did make yuo sad and yes i feel bad that i made you sad but now i am sad because you make me sad to feel better after i made you sad you are just jealous of my sister and grandma i will even photoshop you a nice wallpaper of all the boys u know just like in good old times so yeah i hope you change your mind because i like you in this server and i dont want it to die because of your decision
so yeah and in case you are wondering why i am writing that much its because i really care about you and i dont want to make you sad and i spend so much time on that message so you can see that i put effort into making you happy because i dont want you to be sad even though i made you sad and i am sorry about this but i hope that we both can be happy together again whenever the storm clouds between us part and the sun shine of our friendship can shine again so yeah in case you havent noticed yet i really want to be admin again i will even leave emily alone just so you can see how much i dont want you to be sad because thats what i am trying to do right now because you are sad due to the loss of the overwatch highlight reel and yeah what else is bothering me is that i really want the screenshot channel back but dont think that i am selfish i just want it for the community so we can share all of our best moments and chris also wants it back because he really values our mutual moments and memories and just as me doesnt want to forget what we did in games like grand theft auto or overwatch or other games that we play because games are fun and you are fun especially as a part of our friend group well maybe not so much overwatch but still any other games that are better than that like hentai nazi or typeracer and i dont even know where this message is going i cant think clearly because i am crying so much right now this is so sad what would gandalf think of you in this moment right now having deleted me as an admin i think he would be very mad no not mad just disappointed he didnt fight the balrogs just for you to do this do you remember the day we met oh yeah yeah i do it was the best day of my life and i dont want you to leave me like this because i like you and ia dont want you to be sad even though i just made you sad but not intentionally really like really i really want you to be happy even if i have to be sad then i will even send you a pic of my german sausage
im writing this message cause i feel really bad thinking about the way i hurt you makes me really sad im sorry for all the hurt ive caused you and i regret the things ive done ive lost the one girl ive ever loved and it was cause of the things ive done baby i feel so bad right nowcause i tore your world apart and now all i can think about is how i broke your heart these tears that run down my cheek are filled with sadness and hurt because i loved you so much and now i know that it will never work i messed up and now i see that you mean the absolute world to me i know sorrys not enough because im such a screw up but for whatever its worth i wanted to say that you cross my mind every single day the thought of you makes me smile and i know our love was real so im writing you this letter so that you know how i truly feel what i really want to say is that im sorry i know that you didnt deserve to be hurt like that and i know that you will find someone who will love you and treat you right they will make you happy and that person wont hurt you like i did so im sooo sorry for everything ive done so all i have to say is that i love you and im so sooo sorry hun

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