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In these Navratras, people do many kinds of fasts, sanyam, niyam, yagya, bhajan, pujan, yoga-sadhana etc. to store their spiritual and mental power. Some seekers try to attain special siddhis by reciting inner trataka or bija mantras while sitting in Padmasana or Siddhasana all night. In the Navratras, the community of devotees gather with great enthusiasm to worship Shakti on 51 benches of Shakti. Worshipers who cannot reach these Shaktipeeths invoke Shakti at their place of residence.
Nowadays most worshipers do Shakti Puja not in the night, but they call the priest in the day. Not only ordinary devotees, Pandit and Sage-Mahatma also do not want to stay awake all night in Navratri nor does anyone want to give up laziness. Very few worshipers are seen using night time to gain laziness, mental strength and compound power. Mystics tried to understand and explain the importance of Navratri in a scientific perspective with utmost precision. Many of nature's obstacles end at night. Even modern science agrees with this. Our sages and sages knew these scientific secrets of nature thousands of years ago.
If it is given in the daytime then it will not go far, but if it is given in the night, it goes too far. In addition to the day's clamor behind it, there is also a scientific fact that the rays of the sun in the day prevent voice waves and radio waves from advancing. Radio is a living example of this. Low-power radio stations are difficult to hold during the day that is they are easy to hear even after sunset.
The scientific theory is that the way the rays of the sun stop the radio waves during the day, similarly the thought waves of mantra chanting also get interrupted during the day, hence the sages and sages have told the importance of night much more than the day. Hours in temples and the vibrations of the sound of a conch shell make the atmosphere devoid of germs. This night holds mysterious scientific secrets. Keeping this scientific fact in mind, the sentries send their powerful thought waves into the atmosphere with determination and high concept, their accomplishment i.e. manokamna siddhi is sure to be done according to their auspicious resolution at the right time and right method.

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