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Invasion on Kashmir by Pakistan

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    Look at the history of the case, Invasion through Pakistan and later by Pakistan; destruction, arson, loot, robbery, murder by people coming through and from Pakistan. This is the beginning of the story of the Kashmir issue, a story which goes back over nine years. It is also known that immediately after that, Kashmir acceded to India. According to us and many others it became our right and duty to protect Kashmir. Quite apart from it, if we had not this at this time, Kashmir would have been a smoking ruin and there would have been largescale war between India and Pakistan.  
    I know how troubled I was at that time. All our back-ground had been one of non-violence and peace. Were we, immediately after Independence, to be drugged into war? It was a terrible thing and yet there was Kashmir being looted, its people being murdered, there was arson and frantic appeals came to us from the people of Kashmir, apart from the Ruler. It was a very difficult decision to take. Fortunately we had Gandhiji with us at that time. I am not using Gandhiji's name to entangle him in this matter. I do so merely to tell you that as usual I rant o him for some advice and light. I believe he also spoke publicly about this matter. He told us it was our duty to go to the help of the people of Kashmir. He a man of peace told us so. We went to Kashmir and we found that it was not an attack by mere raiders only, but that the Pakistan Army had entered Kashmir. we found we had undertaken something big. The normal consequence of this would have been war with Pakistan. They had come in and had committed aggression. Whatever argument one may use about the State's accession to India or about India's right to have troops in Kashmir, there is absolutely no argument, even a flimsy one, to justify Pakistan's action sending troops there. There is no doubt from any point of view that it was aggression by Pakistan and we were entitled in law and fact to attack Pakistan and all over. We were much stronger than Pakistan militarily. But we did not attack them.

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