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A little boy wanted a puppy and he visited the store with his father. The shop keeper was eloquent about the pedigree and smartness of each puppy in the store. But the little boy's attention was on a weak and crippled one sitting in the corner and he selected it. The shop keeper wondered and asked him why he selected it among all other smart ones. The boy rolled up his pants and showed him his crippled legs supported by orthopaedic brace. He said, "Sir, I don't run too well myself. I want someone who understands me." Shopkeeper stood dumbfounded. He gave the puppy to him saying that there is no cost for abundant love. Our existence has meaning when we understand the flicker of love. A man without gratitude and compassion is like a lamp without a flicker. It's soulless and meaningless until it gets lit up! In our life, many times, we assess the situations based on our limited perception. But it's altogether a tough and unimaginable plight for many others. We have to be grateful that the Almighty gave us resources to survive. Instead of focusing on what we lack, this is the time to be happy with what we are blessed with. Peeping out of the self created well will give more insight and understanding of the suffering and pain. Showing gratitude to those farmers who tirelessly work so that we get nutritious meals every day, our health workers, police, media, people those who are on the frontline as warriors to ensure the safety of all those locked up in their homes.

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