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In this most challenging situation, we have to realise the deep meaning of gratitude and our blessings. Researches show that gratitude keeps us more healthy, happy, improves immunity level and reduces our blood pressure levels. We have to fear only the fear in us. It is not a joke considering the present situation. If virus is the fear for some, hunger is the fear for others. If Improving the immunity is a concern for someone, filling the belly is a concern for many. Fear psychosis is different in different perspective. Various roles are played in life by all to fill stomach. No philosophy will work in hunger. Is it going to be the survival of the fittest? When the gap increases between haves and have nots, every moment in this world, do we have to worry about not getting the freedom to go out? Instead of that, we have to be grateful to the Almighty that we are alive. Life taught us today to be happy and contented with less. What a beautiful concept! This is one of the most important lessons for us and future generation that contentment is possible with meagre facilities. This is the time to find out ways by which we can transform from human beings to being human. The whole world is standing together fighting the invisible enemy. We are together facing the same storm in different boats. This time too shall pass and will be the forgotten pages in history one day. But our existence on this planet will be meaningful if we too contribute in one or the other way to wipe the tears of someone known to us. As rightly said by Mother Teresa, "if you can't feed hundred people, feed one. "

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