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Motivation for the day 6-2-2020

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Build on what Works
The way to change what's wrong is not by destroying what's right. The way to lift up those who suffer is not by cutting down those who prosper. To change what doesn't work, build on what does work. To create new, more widespread success, expand on existing success. If you dwell solely on the problems, you'll end up making those problems bigger. Look instead at what has been proven by experience to add richness to life. Whatever you focus on, expands. Identify what improves life, what you treasure, value, appreciate, and focus on making more of that. In your own life, in your community, in the world, there is vast potential for improvement, innovation, fulfillment. Harness that potential by building on what's good, on what works. Choose now to benefit from your own experience, and the hard-won experience of all who have come before you. With hope, with enthusiasm, with generosity and compassion, build on what works.
-Ralph Marston

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