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After China's statement about the violence in Galvan Valley between India and China, the Indian Foreign Ministry has now said that the Indian Army has never tried to violate the Line of Actual Control. India's position regarding the Galvan Valley area is historically clear. There have been very strong claims from China on the Line of Actual Control that are not acceptable at all. I am different from the situation of China itself about this place.  
In a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, it has been said that the Indian Army has full understanding of all areas adjacent to the Indo-China Line of Actual Control, including the Galvan Valley and they fully respect it. The Indian Army has never tried to violate the Line of Actual Control. Truth be told, they have been patrolling in this area without any accident for a long time. Also whatever construction work the Indian Army has done is towards the Line of Actual Control.
The statement said that from the beginning of the month of May, Chinese soldiers were disrupting the patrolling pattern of India due to which a situation of confrontation arose. In such a situation the ground commander took the position under the existing bilateral agreements. India does not accept the allegation of a one-sided change in the situation in the Line of Actual Control, India has always tried to maintain this status quo.
In the middle of May, China tried to violate the Line of Actual Control in the western sector on the border, to which they were given a fair response. After this, to reduce the tension on the border, both sides also talked at military level and diplomatic level and on 6 June 2020 a meeting of senior commanders was held.
Both sides agreed to respect the Line of Actual Control and there was also a general consensus that no action would be taken to change the situation. But China could not honor this agreement on the Galvan Valley area and started construction work very close to the Line of Actual Control. When he was prevented from doing so, he took violent steps on 15 June, in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed.
After this, the Indian Foreign Minister spoke to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and expressed his opposition in strong words. He denied the allegations leveled by China and said that China is retreating from the consensus reached in the meeting of senior commanders.
Both ministers have agreed to settle this entire matter with responsibility. Both countries are discussing this issue at the military level and diplomatic level. We hope that China will respect what happened between the foreign ministers of the two countries for the development of both countries and to maintain peace on the border.

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