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When he felt that the role of these people is not going to give justice to the untouchables. Then he also hinged on them. The same rule has been imposed for the British Government and also for the National Assembly and Congress.  Mahatma Phule, after studying his wife Savitribai Phule, opened India's first school for girls in Pune in 16. He was also the first executive administrator and treasurer of this institution. The main objective of this institution was to curb the exploitation and abuse of the Sudras in the society.
        Mahatma Phule had a positive view of the British Raj, because of the British rule new seeds of justice and social equality were being sown in India. Mahatma Phule always advocated widow marriage with great vigor and intensity in his life. He also built a house in 1858 for the widows of the upper castes. To keep the idol in front of others, he always kept the doors of his own house open for people of all castes and classes.
        Jyotiba was a matriculate and her family members wanted her to become a government employee on a good salary, but Jyotiba had decided to spend her whole life in the service of Dalits. In those days the condition of women was very bad because they had only scope for household work. Due to marriage in childhood there was no question of women writing and studying. Unfortunately, if someone was widowed in childhood, there was great injustice to her. Then he thought that what would happen to the country if the mothers who created the future generation would be immersed in the darkness, and they insisted on the reading of the mothers.  
   He did a lot of work for widows and women's welfare. He also made a lot of efforts to improve the condition of farmers and their welfare. In order to improve the condition of women and to get their education Jyotiba and his wife jointly opened the school in 1848 which was the first womens school in the country. At that time if the teacher could not find a teacher to teach the girls he started teaching his wife Savitribai and made her so capable that she could teach the children in school. Jyotiba knew that the real progress of the country and society cannot be done until the child of the country is free from the bonds of caste and caste, as well as the women of the country do not get equal rights in every sphere of society. He then called upon the Indian youth to liberate the country, society culture from social evils and illiteracy and build a healthy beautiful strong society.  

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