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Union is Strength (Credit)

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An old man had three sons. Unfortunately, they were always quarrelling among themselves. His efforts to reform them live at piece proved futile. This makes the old man extremely sad, he did not know how to set them right. At last, when he way on the death-bed, he hit upon a plan. He sent for a bundle of sticks and called his son together. He asked the youngest to try to break the bundle, he came up took up the bundle of faggots, exerted his utmost, but failed to comply with the wishes of his father. He gave the attempts as futile. The oldest one was, of course, the strongest, and was proud of his strength, stepped forward. He set the bundle against his knees and did his level best. Not to speak of breaking the bundle, he could not even bund it, he threw away the bundle, and took his seat and hung his head in shame.  
"Now, my son," said the father to his youngest son, "untie the bundle and try to break each stick separately" he at once cut the string and found that it was not at all an uphill task. He break each stick quite easily.  
"Now, you see," said the father, "when the sticks were tied together, they were too strong to be broken by anyone of you. But when they fell apart, they could be broken easily. So my sons, if you hold together like a bundle of sticks, not to speak of doing you some harm, nobody will be able to touch a hair of your head. But if you are divided like sticks separately, your enemies will find it no difficult task to harm you and every one of you will come to grief. Remain united my sons, no one dare to harm you. The sons promised to act upon it. The advised had its effect. They gave their old ways of life and began to live life in unity and peace. The old man breathed his last soon after this.  
MORAL: United we stand, divided we fall.  

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