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SAI TYPING INSTITUTE, GULABARA CHHINDWARA (M.P.) MOB. NO.9098909565 Director By Lucky Shrivatr

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Trump is coming to India on board his special aircraft, Air Force One. In addition, his special car 'Beast' and 'Marine One' helicopters are also coming to India across seven seas by way of special cargo planes for some kilometers of ground and air travel. Trump will use his vehicles during his journey. They will not board any other vehicle. Apart from special cars and helicopters, five Globemaster Hercules cargo planes have also reached India for security and intelligence equipment.
Airforce One is the aircraft on which Trump will come to India. This Boeing class aircraft, called the world's safest, can also be called the moving White House. Because there is no such facility, the aircraft is not in it. Equipped with state of the art security and communication equipment, the aircraft has air refueling capability. Also this aircraft can remain in the air continuously for several hours without the problem of range. Inside the plane are also offices and restrooms for the President. There is also an operation theater with every facility when needed. The most important thing is that this aircraft does not rise alone in the air, but also the second plane can also be called a clone plane stays in the air to brighten the enemy.
The cost of the Beast Beast car is 1.5 million dollars or about 11 crore rupees, two such Cadillac limousine cars are coming to India for the President's road trip. There will be no impact of any nuclear chemical attack on this car.

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