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India, is in where fashion is concerned, says a leading daily newspaper in the West. As if to prove the point, Pierve cardin, mogul of international haute couture, was in India recently to give my label to your export clothes that will be made here, modesty adding It is hard decision to set up a chain of boutiques in some Indian cities. Cardin says, India is a country of fashion, Everyone from different parts of the world comes  
But Africa is so vast and diverse. It was partitioned off by major colonial powers-Britain france and Portugal in such an arbitrary manner that some national and international boundaries in the continent are unnatural and even illogical. No wonder so many border disputes keep cropping up.  
Apart from the border disputes. OAU had to face a number of bilateral and mulitlateral issues. some controversial issues it was called upon to handle were the Arab-Israel war; the Biafran was of secession in Nigeria; the role of mercenaries in Zaire, Senegal and other African countries; the civil war in Angola the Somalia, Ethiopia war and the still unsettled development in chad.  
Frankly  speaking the 19 year old history of the OAU has been a chequered one, even crisis-ridden. But it must be said to the credit of African spirit of compromise and resilience that it has continued to exist. It is often said in all seriousness that the biggest success of the OAU is that it is that it is still alive.  

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