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SAI TYPING INSTITUTE, GULABARA CHHINDWARA (M.P.) MOB. NO.9098909565 Director By Lucky Shrivatr

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One day a wolf got sheep skin from somewhere under the guise of sheep. Wearing the skins he joined the flock of sheep grazing in the field. The wolf thought After the sun sets the shepherd will lock the sheep in the fence. Along with the sheep I will also enter the fence. I will run away at night to pick up a fat sheep and eat it with fun.  
In the evening the shepherd closed the sheep in the enclosure and went home. The wolf silently waited for it to become dark. Gradually the darkness began to deepen. Even so everything happened according to the plan of the wolf. Then an untoward incident happened.  
Suddenly the shepherds servant came to the farm. His master sent him to fetch some fat sheep for dinner. Incidentally the servant took the wolf in the sheeps skin and took it away.  
The wolf came to eat the sheep but that night it became the shepherd and the food of his guests.  
Education The bad thinker has a bad end. He had a son. His name was Mahesh. He kept a mongoose in his house.  
Mahesh and Mongose were shaken by each other both close friends.  
One day Ramdas went to his farm. Savitri also went out for some work. Mahesh was sleeping deeply in the cradle. The mongoose was sitting near the cradle and guarding it.  
After a while Naval saw Savitri coming. He ran to the door to welcome the mistress. Savitri was stunned to see the blood soaked mouth of the mongoose. He suspects that the mongoose killed his son. She went mad with anger. He raised the stick lying in the verandah. And hit the mongoose hard enough that the mongoose died instantly. After this Mahesh went to the inside room running and was very happy to see Surajit. It did not take him long to understand his mistake as he looked at the dead snake. She started to mourn the one who had killed the trusty mongose who had saved her sons life. He felt very sad. But now there was no benefit from repenting. once a war broke out between two kings. One of them was defeated by the king. He ran towards the forest. He took refuge in a cave. The victorious king sent soldiers to chase him. He wanted to kill her. The defeated king fought very bravely. But his army was small. His small army was defeated by the vast army of the enemy. He had to run into the forest to save his life by being forced. He became very sad and lost courage. He ran towards the forest. It did not take him.

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