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In the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad,
Lucknow Bench, Lucknow
O.O.S.3 of 1989
1. Nirmohi Akhara situate in Mohalla Ramghat City, Ayodhya
through Mahant Jagan Nath Das, aged about 54 years Chela of
Mahant and Sarbarahkar, Resident of Nirmohi Akhara,
Mohalla Ramghat, Ayodhya District Faizabad-Substituted
vide order dated 23.07.66.
2. Vaishnab Das R/o Nirmohi Bazar, Ramghat Haveli, Oudh City,
Ayodhya, District-Faizabad-Amended vide court's order
dated 8.7.67 and Amended vide court's order dated 1.9.95 Plaintiffs
1. Shri Jamuna Prasad Singh, Receiver, R/o Deo Kali Road, City
Faizabad-Amended vide the order dated 23.10.89 44(0) by
this Hon'ble Court dated 28.10.89
2. State of Uttar Pradesh.
3. Deputy Commissioner, Faizabad.
4. City Magistrate, Faizabad.
5. Superintendent of Police, Faizabad.
6/1. Haji Mehboob (Adult), R/o Mohalla Terhi Bazar, City
Ayodhya Teh. and Distt. Faizabad.
6. Haji Phekku aged 70 years son of unknown, R/o Mohalla Terhi
Bazar (died), Ayodhya, District Faizabad.
6/2. Haji Abdul Ahed, R/o Mohalla Terhi Bazar, City Ayodhya
Teh. and Distt. Faizabad.
7. Mohd. Faiq aged 50 years son of Haji Ramzan resident of
Terhi Bazar-Amended under the court's order dated
8. Mohd. Achhan Mian aged about 55 years son of unknown
resident of Mohalla Katra.
9. U.P. Sunni Central Board of Waqfs through its Secretary,
Lucknow-Amended vide order dated 23.8.89 of this
Hon'ble Court.2
(6 to 8) City Ayodhya Pargana Haveli Oudh Tahsil and district
Faizabad on behalf of themselves and all other members of the
Muslim Community.
10. Umesh Chandra Pandey aged 34 years S/o Shri Ram
Shanker Pandey S/o Rampali Ayodhya City Distt. Faizabad
(Haveli Oudh)-Amended vide court's order 28.1.89.
11. Mohd. Farook S/o Zahoor Ahmad r/o Singarhat, Ayodhya
Distt. Faizabad-Amended by the order of this Hon'ble
Court dated 3.12.91
Judgement delivered by
Hon'ble Dharam Veer Sharma, J.
This suit has been filed by Nirmohi Akhara situate in Mohalla
Ram Kot, City Ayodhya through its Mahant with a prayer that a
decree be passed in favour of the plaintiffs against defendants for
removal of defendant no.1, namely, Sri Jamuna Prasad Singh,
Receiver, resident of Deo Kali Road, City Faizabad, from the
management and charge of the temple Ram Janam Bhoomi and for
that delivering the same to the plaintiff through its Mahant and
Sarbarahkar Mahant Jagan Nath Das.
According to the plaint averment there exists in Ayodhya, since
the days of Yore an ancient Math or Akhara of Ramanandi Varagis
called Nirmohi with its seat at Ramghat known as Nirmohi Akhara,
plaintiff no. 1 which is the religious establishment of a public
character. The Janam Sthan now commonly known as Janam Bhumi,
the birth place of Lord Ram Chandra, situate in Ayodhya belongs and
has always belonged to the plaintiff no.1 who through its reigning
Mahant and Sarbrahkar has ever since been managing it and
receiving offerings made there at in form of money, sweets, flowers

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