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Since time began, the natural broad-leaved mixed forests for the Himalayas have played a crucial role in the life of the people of that region. In fact, the forests are the foundation of the whole economy of the hill villages. Green leaves and grass, for example provide fodder for the animals whose dung is used as fertilizer. Dry twigs and branches are the only sources of domestic cooking fuel. the forests also provide large supplies of fruits, edible nuts, fibres and herbs for local consumption. The forests break the flow of the seasonal rainfall that lashes  the slopes of this mountain range every year during the monsoon. This creates springs and perennial streams which are vital far the mountain people and their animal during the hot summer months.  
for many years, however, large areas of these rich forest resources have been destroyed. For example, the forests  of Tehri- Garhwal were exploited to supply timber for the expanding railway network in the plains. The people of Tehri Garhwal in 1930 began a non-cooperation movement called Satyagraha Form of peaceful resistance to obtain  justice in opposition to the oppressive forest laws.  
New laws can start in either the House of Lords or the House of Commons.They are usually propose by the government although they may be proposed by ordinary members. A law which is being proposed is called a Bill until it is passed, then it becomes an 'Act' of Parliament.  

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