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Worker does not always mean poor the workers are the units that are integral to every success, whether it is a brick-fed human or an employee burdened with office files. Every person who works for any organization and takes money in return, they are laborers. In our society, the working class is always considered as poor human being, we consider only those who are laborers in the sun. In contrast, the working society is an integral part Which makes the society strong and mature, leads the society towards success. All those people in the working class, who work for someone in an institution or privately, take hard work in return. Every human laborer who is physically and mentally hard working, whether it is a person stained with brick cement or an employee sitting under the burden of file in AC office. Mazdoor Day is celebrated to honor all these laborers and laborers.
International Labor Day is also known as International Employees Day and May Day. It is celebrated internationally throughout the world, so that workers can promote and encourage the association. Labor Day is celebrated all over the world on 1 May, in Europe it has traditionally been declared a spring holiday. In almost 80 countries of the world, this day has been declared as National Holiday, in some places programs are also organized to celebrate it. In the US and Canada, Labor Day occurs on the first Monday of September. In India, we also call it Labor Day. It is our biggest mistake to consider a laborer as compelled; he eats his blood and sweat. These are such self-respecting people, who are happy even in a few and believe in their hard work and dedication. He does not like to spread his hands in front of anyone.
In India, Labor Day is celebrated in honor of working men and women. Labor Day was first observed in Madras now Chennai on 1 May 1923, in India, by the Labor Farmers Party of Hindustan. On this occasion, the first red flag was used in India before independence .  Singaravelu Chettiar  the leader of this party, organized 2 programs to celebrate this day. The first meeting was held in Triplicane Beach and the second one in front of Madras High Court. Singaravelu had submitted a request to the Government of India to declare Labor Day on May 1, as well as a National Holiday on this day. He emphasized on political parties to be non-violent.

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