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The festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated every year on the Ashtami date of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadon month and in Rohini Nakshatra. This time the festival is on 12 August. When the tyranny has increased on the earth, religion has fallen  then God has established the truth and religion by taking incarnation on the earth. The incarnation of God is for human ascension. The aim of every incarnation is to protect the world, destroy the wicked and restore religion. Avatar means to manifest in a latent form. Shri Krishna Param Purushottam Bhagwan was born at midnight on the eighth date of Bhadrapada Rohini Nakshatra and Moon in Taurus. As soon as he was born, the directions were clean and happy and the whole earth became auspicious. The light spread in the prison cell as soon as Vishnu's avatar Shri Krishna appeared.  
In front of Vasudeva-Devaki, the God of conch, chakra, mace and Padmdhari manifested his form and said - Now I take the form of a child you immediately bring me to Nanda in Gokul and bring his newly born girl Kansa. Hand over to Then Vasudevji  handcuffs opened, the doors opened automatically and the guards slept. Vasudev kept Shri Krishna in the soup and walked to Gokul. On the way Yamuna started moving up to touch the feet of Shri Krishna.  
The Lord hung his Shri Charan and Yamunaji decreased after touching the Charan. The boy put Krishna to sleep next to Yashodaji and returned the girl, and Vasudev returned to Kansa's prison. Kansa came to the prison and tried to slap her on the stone with the girl but she got out of Kansa's hand and flew into the sky and took the form of a goddess and said   Kansa! What is the benefit of killing me? Your enemy has reached Gokul. Seeing this, Kansa got upset and distraught. Due to Krishna's revelation, the prayers of the gods in heaven sounded on their own and Siddha and Charan began to praise the auspicious qualities of God.

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