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i want to typed by myself

created Wednesday September 16, 10:46 by Syafiqur LP3I



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don't follow this text
this is just a training
i made for myself
i have very much everything
but i can't realize it up
even i can do anything
i can't grateful why i become like this
la la la
are you stupid
i am stupid
that what smart people everyday said to them self
because they always need to learn new thing
and also three is always problem happend everyday
i hope your day is good
but the reality always has their own way
it depend on how you decide what to do about that
will you be angry about it  
or will you be happy about it
if you do it less problematic  
sure thing you will be coming better
every day
because experience
one of the indicator for success
every body has different processing ability
but every one can decide how they do it
if you still think you don't grateful enough
maybe start see lower thing should help
you may be determinate  
but your brain also need relieve
too some time
what are you saying
this is just random word
i don't even speak english
this is just training
is it

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