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Beginners tip_1 (caution : really big)

created Oct 5th, 14:23 by 648NANDAMARJUN



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Hi all beginners who want to learn to type I want to tell you some things that will be useful for your typing. They will definitely increase your speed or accuracy or any other things in typing which I don't know their names. So you might be asking me how are you sure they will work. Well, good question. I really think they will work because at the time of writing this I am 13 years old and I have reached a speed of 40 WPM. OK the tip is practice with different typing styles, this is important because if you increase your typing speed your accuracy is still gonna count in the total speed and vice versa. So if the creator of 10 fast fingers is seeing this then please don't remove this because this is a really important tip and you can practice like 10 minutes on 10 fast fingers which will improve your speed or on type racer which will take you through the pressure you will handle while typing for some real use or on keybr.com which will improve your accuracy. But I personally think that the best combination for learning typing is type racer and 10 fast fingers and I know many of you wont be completing this but those who came till now thank you and thank you everyone who wrote this test  
Bye see you after your typing speed increases

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