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my opinion about 2020

created Tuesday October 13, 13:59 by Austnax



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hi in this text you wont have to struggle finding dot or comma because i have removed all the signs and capital completely to avoid you struggling in some situations  
so my answer to this topic is bad very bad and of course you already
know the reason  
the pandemic  
it sucks  
i cannot hang out with my friends anymore instead we have to talk through discord and every time i go out i always have to wear a mask which will make my face super sweaty  
it also stops all of my family plans this year we were expecting to have amazing trips together but it all blocked by a single virus so the whole year i just sitting in my room and game or go to my house backyard for some workout
2020 sucks i have never seen any year worse than this its like the cursed year
i hope 2021 will be a better year i have suffered enough just somewhat 2 more months then i can get out of this curse
hi and thank you for wasting your time typing this random text that you found on accident i hope you will have a good day today stay strong and dont get corona-ed

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