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Give.... me.... your.... B E A N S

created Oct 23rd, 01:13 by DeadDogCheese



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I love beans so much they make me so happy. I love beans. Beans are the best food in the world, you want to know why? It's because they help you go poop easily, and for me that is good because I only poop once a week sometimes. I love beans so much, for my birthday, I would just want a giant bowl of chili beans. On the other hand, the toilet wouldn't be so happy after all. Though that is a price to be paid, and I think it is worth every penny of the repair. I love beans so much, that I sacrificed my newborn to the Bean Master. You want to know who that is? He is the person who supplies beans for the entire world. That is why I have a unlimited amount of beans, and that is why I am so happy about beans. They might of not saved me, but they sure do taste good.

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