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The blob story

created Nov 6th, 21:13 by WA2AB1



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So this is just my first time doing a custom word text, but here's a random story I made up on the spot:
One day I was walking down the street when I saw a blob. The blob was very cool and was amazing. Then the blob died and it was sad. Then I walked passed that and saw a house. The house was a good house because it was four stories high. I went into the house and went to the top floor and there was another blob. I looked around and there were more blobs. There was a blob infestation! I grabbed a random stick I found on the floor and whacked the blob. The blob was sad, and died. Then I wacked some more blobs and I was happy. Then I went out of the house and there was a very big blob. The blob was two feet tall, and was very big. lol. Then I stabbed it and it was sad. Then it died. Then I was happy. The end.

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