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The Greatest View

created Nov 15th, 05:26 by Jeptha Sayson



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Adrian was beginning to walk around the block. He stepped off the grass to his house, he rarely walked, but he had to burn off the soda he just drank. He loves the look of the block he lived on, it wasn't too big, but it was by fair his favorite view in his city. Adrian looked up in the sky, it seems like these is no view as great as this in the city, it is one of the few places you can see so much sky than everywhere else. He started to walk. He felt envy for anyone else to live here, in this city. They don't get a view like he does. Along the street, from the relentless driving over the years, the road and its gravel was cracked, and in some places even broken. While Adrian was walking he saw a blinding light throughout the seemingly endless sky. A second sun appeared behind him it seemed. He started to turn around, he saw a fireball breaking through the atmosphere. He knew what would happen next. He remembered reading about "Tunguska event" where an asteroid blew up two miles over a forest, flattening million of acres of trees.
He felt like the end of  the world is real at this moment. He felt a feeling of selfishness. Even now, he knew that he had the greatest view in the world at his death. The sky erupted in flames, he saw the building falls, the sky seemed like it really on fire. A roar of heat rushed toward him. Fear engulfed him, along with a sense of dignity, not running.

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